Dahlia Tubers

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Available Dahlia Tuber Varieties (listed by color)


$4.00 Small World
$5.00 Gitts Attention
$4.00 Crazy Love
$5.00 Yuukyu


$6.00 Breakout
$5.00 Appleblossom **SOLD OUT**


$6.00 Labyrinth
$4.00 Chilson’s Pride

Pale Pink

$4.00 Valley Porcupine
$5.00 Sweet Nathalie **SOLD OUT**
$4.00 Camano Zoe **SOLD OUT**
$4.00 Shiloh Noelle **SOLD OUT**
$4.00 Zebrano **SOLD OUT**
$5.00 Wizard of Oz
$6.00 Cafe Au Lait

Black Red

$4.00 Karma Choc
$4.00 Hollyhill Black Widow **SOLD OUT**
$4.00 Loverboy **SOLD OUT**
$5.00 Tam Tam  Only a Few Remaining!
$4.00 Sam Hopkins


$5.00 AC Devin**SOLD OUT**
$5.00 Rocco
$4.00 Thomas Edison **SOLD OUT**
$5.00 Willo Violet
$5.00 Diva


$5.00 Genova
$6.00 Koko Puff


$6.00 Linda’s Baby **SOLD OUT**
$6.00 Sandia Brocade Only a Few Remaining!

Fuscia/purple bi-color

$5.00 Who Dun It
$6.00 Hillcrest Jonathan

Please check back around February 15th for many more varieties that will be listed!
Please Note:
Dahlias will be shipped at the right time for your zone. If you would like to have them shipped at another time please leave a detailed message in the comment box at checkout.
**Local Farm to City Flower friends can place their orders online and pick-up can be arranged in early May.
Shipping charges:
1-10 dahlia tubers $8.00 shipping
11-20 dahlia tubers $12.00 shipping
21-40 dahlia tubers $15.00 shipping
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