Fresh-Cut News

2020 Season

Hello FCF friends!

I wanted to announce the big news!!! I have begun accepting 2020 CSA flower subscriptions!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agricultural. Which simply put means keeping your business local by supporting farmers in your area.

A subscription to one of my 4, 8, or 12 week plans can make an extra special and unexpected gift. I will be creating a beautiful personalized gift card to give these as a gift this season. Perhaps for someone who adores fresh cut flowers, loves shopping small and locally and/or someone who appreciates the shifts throughout the season as new flowers come into bloom.

Bouquets can be requested with any frequency throughout the entirety of the 2019 season May through October.

*For example, a 4 week plan does not need to be completed in 4 successive weeks. I send out a weekly email and you can simply reply if you would like a bouquet that upcoming week.

Pick up and delivery options are both available. Pick up would be at our home in Jacobus on a designated day each week. Deliveries would also be made on a designated day each week.

There is a referral bonus of one free bouquet for each friend that is referred and joins any of the CSA plans before I am sold out:)

2020 Farm to City Flowers CSA Pricing

4 weeks of bouquets – $80.00
8 weeks of bouquets – $160.00
12 weeks of bouquets – $240.00

If you are familiar with my CSA you might notice that I have really simplified the choices.

I will be making what I’m calling “market size” bouquets for the CSA subscribers. These will fall in between my medium and large size bouquets.

There is a one time charge congruent with each of the CSA plans if you would like delivery. I deliver within a 5 mile radius of Jacobus.

Delivery Charges

4 week delivery charge- $20.00
8 week delivery charge- $40.00
12 week delivery charge- $60.00

Please reserve your slot with me via Facebook messenger or email

Payment for the CSA memberships can be mailed to the below address or via PayPal @

Nicole Morouse
c/o Farm to City Flowers
Jacobus, PA 17407

Here’s to a bright and beautiful 2019!!!
Nicole 💕🌸💕

May 2018

The last several weeks have been a bit of a wonderful blur! I have been outside working in the field countless hours throughout April, during the roller coaster of weather Mother Nature has sent our way. In the bitter cold, the frequent rain, unexpected snowfalls, and gusting winds. I had my work cut out for me since this is my first season at the new larger farm…and there has been a LOT of work to be done! Thankfully, my husband has been incredibly supportive by pitching in to help me get things ready for you!

This week I finished planting the last of my 1135 dahlia tubers. Considering I grew less than 100 dahlias last year, this has been quite a leap! In order to suppress weeds as much as possible, I elected to burn individual holes for each dahlia (and seeds as well) in very heavy gauge landscape fabric. This may have been the highlight of my spring! To make this job as easy as I could, I “had to buy” an enormous blow torch that was almost as tall as me. A HUGE blowtorch. That belongs to ME. How awesome is that??!?

Each of the 138 different varieties of dahlias that I have chosen to grow this season have been carefully planted, labeled, fertilized, and now are just waiting for some consistent warm weather to begin sprouting. As they grow over the coming weeks, I will be corralling them with bailing twine to keep them supported, strong and healthy. Deeply watering them 2-3 times a week to help encourage their lush growth.

I have also been harvesting countless tulips and daffodils the last two weeks. It has been such a joy to see the result of the hard work done last fall for this spring crop. If you have not had a chance to enjoy our tulips or daffodils now is the time! In the next week or two they will begin to fade, and there will be a lull in all the excitement until the dahlias make their debut in late June. As the tulips and daffodils begin to disappear, we will begin to have some gorgeous varieties of allium, peonies, and other cut flowers for mixed bouquets as we go through May.

As an added note, the very best thing about dahlias and the reason I am so crazy about them is their incredible diversity in colors, shapes and sizes….AND how long their season is! They will continue to bloom like mad all the way until our first hard frost in (I’m hoping!) late October, or early November. So you really can enjoy fresh cut locally grown flowers for the next 6 months if you want to give it a try! I will do everything possible to make it worth every penny.

Regular bouquet pricing is as follows

Small- $15.00

Medium- $20.00

Large- $25.00

*XL and custom sizes available upon request

I hope you all have a wonderful spring! I look forward to brightening your days with gorgeous flowers in the weeks and months to come.

Much love,


March/April 2018

Hello Farm to City friends!

This is my very first monthly installment of “Fresh-Cut News”!

I find I am pinching myself almost daily, due to the excitement I’m feeling over getting the new farm ready (check out the “About Nicole” page to read all about the beautiful rented land that is allowing Farm to City Flowers to grow by 75% this season)! I am so grateful to the super sweet couple that is giving me this opportunity to realize my dream. Their gorgeous farmland is allowing me to plant dozens upon dozens of cut flower varieties that I adore, in much larger quantities than I was capable of growing before!

One of my very first purchases for the 2018 season was 125 peony plants, and I could not be more excited about them! I have grown peonies in my own cutting garden for years. They are the reason I fell hopelessly in love with flowers. I carefully chose each of the six varieties that I planted. To say that this alone took me 2 weeks would not be an exaggeration! I needed to envision each of them, whether they be tucked into colorful mixed arrangements, delicately being the focal point in a precious bud vase, or seemingly “floating” in a bride’s cherished bouquet. Along with the peonies, I planted hundreds of allium bulbs. They are each so unique, and will provide an unexpected whimsical element to everything they are added to.

When it came to choosing daffodils and tulips, I admittedly lost my mind just a tiny bit.

I have longed to plant so many varieties of each for years however our personal home landscaping floral budget always limited the level of crazy I could get away with. A few years ago, I nearly convinced my husband to deeply air-ate our entire front yard so that I could plant hundreds of daffodils and crocuses to multiply year after year. I came so very close.

But, after seeing these long wide rows at the farm, the sky was the limit. I chose 10 different varieties of daffodils, and planted 100 each of those varieties. Next, I picked 12 varieties of tulips, but then quickly lost count. By the time I snapped out of my floral-frenzied shopping fog, I had 2,500 tulips to plant. I called in for reinforcements (ie: a friend from MD) to help me with the daunting task of planting them all! I know for sure that a few will be a huge surprise when they begin to bloom. I can’t remember all that we tucked into that ground last Fall!

So these days, I am screeching (usually out loud) with excitement each time I visit the farm!! Daylight savings and warmer temperatures are waking each of these beauties up, causing them to put down deep healthy roots and come to life! I truly believe that each of them have an incredibly special purpose, as each of us do. Some will brighten a gloomy office, or be at the bedside of a loved one who is ill and needs a reminder of how much they are cherished and loved. Some will even play a part in helping create a backdrop of gorgeous colors and textures for a bride’s dream wedding.

All of this being said, do you want to know what I am most excited about? Each new smile that I get to see. Each new relationship that I am given the chance to grow and nurture. Also, my husband and I are SO excited to have our children work in the field harvesting and learning to arrange centerpieces or wrap flowers for the markets and CSA shares. They may be  pretty tired of hearing me talk non-stop about flowers, but secretly just between you and me? I can see their excitement when they are describing the new farm and all the flowers that we will be growing to their friends or teachers!

I am so grateful. And I am so unbelievably excited to share all that is to come with all of you!



Bouquet for pick-up $25.00
Formal Arrangement w/vase for pick up $35.00
Bouquet w/delivery within 5 miles $30.00
Bouquet w/delivery within 10 miles. $35.00
Formal Arrangement w/vase and delivery within 5 miles $40.00
Formal Arrangement w/vase and delivery within 10 miles $45.00


Farm to City Flowers is happy to deliver our bouquets.

**Please allow 2-3 Days notice for bouquet deliveries**

As noted above in the pricing options for the florals, a $5 delivery fee will be added for areas within a 5 mile radius of the farm (located in Jacobus, Pennsylvania) and a $10 delivery fee will be added to orders delivered to a location between 5-10 miles from the farm.

And as always, free pick up is available.

How to Order

Email me at: