What is Farm to City Flowers CSA?

CSA stands for community-supported agriculture.

When you buy a “share” of our CSA your reserving your ability to get the very first of what I grow when it blooms. Buying locally supports your communities farmers.

I fill all CSA orders first.

If given a few days notice, I will do my very best to accommodate any custom color requests. If your loved one adores bright pink flowers then you should order her bright pink flowers!

One of the most wonderful things about buying locally grown flowers is becoming familiar with what is seasonally blooming in our area at that moment.

Throughout the spring, summer and fall the flowers that are offered will change depending on what is at its peak bloom. I strive to use only my own farm grown flowers whenever possible. Which means they are the freshest flowers you can find!

Your bouquet will be created within hours of being harvested from the field. Then wrapped beautifully and ready for you to gift to someone or to enjoy for yourself.

With a little care, you can expect your flowers to last 4-6 days. Trimming the stems at an angle and refreshing your vase with clean water every 1-2 days will extend their life.

CSA Share Pricing
  • 4 Weeks – $80.00
  • 8 Weeks – $160.00
  • 12 Weeks – $240.00

Pick up is at our home in Jacobus. Bouquets will be placed in water on our front porch for you to pick up at your convenience.

How to Order:
Contact us for more information on available shares for THIS SEASON farmtocityflowers@gmail.com

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